2008 Commuter Choice Winners Announced

Ten Twin Cities organizations and individuals received Commuter Choice awards for their role in helping to reduce congestion. Metro Transit and transportation management organizations (TMOs) in the region each year recognize people and companies that come up with creative ways to promote alternatives to driving alone to work, including transit, biking, carpooling, vanpooling and telecommuting.

Among the winners:

  • The Friend of Commuter Alternatives Award was presented to Alice Tibbetts (a longtime TLC member), who developed a Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) plan for the City of Minneapolis. She is a longtime supporter of SRTS and has served on the Bicycle Advisory Board in St. Paul. SRF Consulting Group, Inc. won Outstanding Promotion by a Medium Organization for using friendly rivalry to reduce the number of drive-alone trips. The engineering and design firm held an “Alternative Commute Challenge” that pitted SRF employees against those at a competitor business for the greatest mileage reduction.
  • Ameriprise Financial, Inc., the nation’s largest financial planning company, won the Corporate Leadership award for its sponsorship of Bike Walk Week. The company organized six bicycle convoys and offered multiple incentive gifts for employee participation. Ameriprise has offered Metropass to its employees for more than 10 years, since the program’s inception.

Check out St. Paul Smart Trips for the full list. Congratulations to all the winners for helping to make the Twin Cities an easier place to travel!