Find a Way!

Transit for Livable Communities is calling on legislators and the Governor to find a way to get a strong transportation bill passed this session. This week comprehensive transportation bills are moving through House and Senate committees. Transportation laws are usually statewide. In the metro, we have an historic opportunity to build out the regional transit system (bus and rail, bicycling and safe, accessible walking) in fifteen years, not whenever. We know this has statewide impact, but also that there are transportation needs in the metro and greater Minnesota for roads, bridges, and transit. There are corridors of commerce, safety and congestion issues, and farmers who need to get to market on bridges in good repair.

So we are saying to the legislature—find a way to get this done. This session!

This region needs an additional ½-cent for transit in the metro to get residents to work affordably and on time. This state needs to address critical infrastructure needs. If we don’t act this session, we send a signal to everyone that Minnesota is sitting on its hands, ready to watch other regions get ahead of us, have our children move there to work and raise families, have corporations decide this state isn’t serious.

Just as with education reform, we’re looking at the toddler today and saying we need a transit system that reaches across the metro by the time that child is ready to go to college. It’s about affordability, it’s about attracting and retaining jobs, it’s about access to jobs (in the core and in the suburbs), it’s about seniors aging in place. We also know it’s about creating healthy, livable communities—with less pollution and more active lifestyles.

Statewide, we need to address key corridors of commerce and ensure safety of our roads and bridges. We also have a huge unmet need for transit across the state.

We all depend on our infrastructure every day to get us where we’re going. The legislature needs to act this session to make sure we have funding for all our transportation needs. This is not a time to sit back and wait.

What can you do?

1)     Help us pack the Rotunda for a Transportation Rally at the Capitol. Wednesday, April 17, 10:00-11:00 am. Stay longer if you can to meet with your legislator. Info / RSVP here.

2)     Visit for links to use to call your legislator. Make sure your elected representatives know you support increased revenue for transit, roads and bridges this session.