Karen Lee Rosar
Advocating for New Opportunities

I walk and ride my bike and am working with my local neighborhood association, Metro Regional Chamber of Commerce and others to make sure that Minneapolis serves all residents well.

As a young teenager living in Crystal, I would take the bus to visit my Grandmother in South Minneapolis. The bus transit system allowed me the freedom and confidence to land my first job in Downtown Minneapolis at the age of 16. It was easy, economical, and made activities and opportunities in the city of Minneapolis accessible to me as a young person and then as an adult living in the suburbs. As a downtown resident, I believe accessible transit, biking and walking opportunities can make the Downtown area a great community for families, employees, business owners, visitors, and residents.

Karen’s commitment to biking, walking, and transit:

  • Participate in local groups with the goal to keep transit/bicycling/walking on the front burner: Metro Regional Chamber, North Loop Neighborhood Assoc., 2010 Partners, Transit for Livable Communities.
  • Speak out as a resident in support of increased affordable transit by testifying in support of the Central Corridor and keeping bus fares affordable.
  • Connect people to each other by inviting others to join groups and work together.