As a business owner, I work within a one-mile radius of my home on my bicycle and I am also involved locally to support more bicycling opportunities in my community.

I’m a small business owner running a home repair and carpentry business. I use a bike and bike trailer to reach my jobs, which are all within a one-mile radius. I love bicycling, and I like to play my part in keeping our environment healthy. By using a bicycle rather than a truck, I have a major competitive advantage: no vehicle payments, no insurance, no fuel bills, and no temptation to drive all over the cities for work. All my work comes by word of mouth from happy customers! As an urban environmentalist, I feel there’s no greater contribution than advocating for sustainable transportation and development.

Mike’s commitment to biking, walking, and transit:

  • Serves on committees and boards that support transit-focused development, such as University United and the St. Paul Transit Oriented Development (TOD) task force.
  • Organizes people to create better opportunities for bicyclists, including founding Neighborhoods First, a local organization.