MnDOT’s statewide plan—please comment by July 31

By Bill Neuendorf, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Every year, the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) oversees nearly $2.5 billion for projects across the state. The agency just released for public review a draft of the 20-year Statewide Multimodal Plan that will guide these investments. The strengths and weaknesses in this guiding document will influence all transportation investments — from roads to trails to airports –for generations to come. MnDOT is accepting public comments until July 31, 2012—information about how to comment is here.

The MnDOT Plan is rooted in the recently completed Minnesota GO vision for statewide transportation, which calls for MnDOT to prioritize transportation investments that enhance economic competitiveness, environment health, and quality-of-life. TLC applauded the vision outlined by Minnesota GO, but also said “the money must line up with the vision and goals must be specific and measurable.”


The Statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan stems from Minnesota GO. Image credit: MnDOT

The Statewide Multimodal Plan brings the Minnesota GO vision closer to reality by beginning to shape the policies by which individual transportation programs and investments will be selected. While much of MnDOT’s vision is poised in the direction of a more sustainable, multimodal transportation network, TLC has identified concerns with the plan that, if not addressed, could undermine outcomes and the ability to realize the vision of Minnesota GO. We encourage TLC members and everyone affected by transportation investments to comment by July 31. MnDOT has put significant time and energy into this draft plan. Robust public engagement will help continue on the path toward realizing a strong vision.


Minnesota GO planning areas. Image credit: MnDOT

Click here for our summary of concerns (pdf) regarding

  • Air Quality, Environmental Impacts & Natural Resources
  • Infrastructure investments, Land Use and Economic Development
  • Public Health
  • Accessibility, Transit & Pedestrian and Bicyclist Interests
  • Equity/Social Justice
  • Goal Setting, Accountability and Performance