Many thanks to all of the volunteers who helped Transit for Livable Communities and the Bike Walk Twin Cities initiative reach thousands of fairgoers during the State Fair! Here’s what you helped us achieve:

  • At the Let's Go! booth in the education building, we talked with almost 6,000 fairgoers during the 12 days of the fair.
  • Over 200 people joined TLC's action network, and 50 signed up to help with our regional bike/walk counts or to fight another fare increase in 2009.
  • More than 3,000 people learned how to put a bike onto the bus rack at the Kick Gas! booth. Even more explored transportation opportunities on the new map and/or learned what Share the Road means for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.
  • As a group, you volunteered over 250 hours at the Let's Go! and Kick Gas! booths.

Even more importantly, these statistics don't begin to measure the impact of your engagement with people from all over the state who want more transportation options. You shared information, your enthusiasm and ideas, and the possibility of a future with more bicycling, walking, transit, car-sharing and more…

If you have ideas about planning for next year, either about what attracted the attention of fairgoers, what we could give away, or what we could do differently, please share! Email Michelle at … her inbox is awaiting your thoughts! We look forward to working with you all in the future and again offer our thanks to our network for being such a stellar outreach team!