Projects & Corridors

From our inception, Transit for Livable Communities has focused on the ways that transit, bicycling, and walking projects are implemented—how they become part of the built environment we all share. We work to advance transit corridors, expand bus service, and advocate for bicycling and walking projects across the metro.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

Franklin Avenue Corridor, Minneapolis
• Hennepin Avenue Bicycle Plan
• Ramsey County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
• Saint Paul Bicycle Plan
• MnDOT Bicycle Plan

Bike Walk Twin Cities

From 2006-2014, Transit for Livable Communities administered the Minneapolis-area location of the federal Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program, bringing more than 100 miles of bicycle routes and safe sidewalks to the Twin Cities, along with start-up funding for innovative new programs (e.g., Nice Ride Minnesota bike sharing, Cycles for Change Community Partners Bike Library, University of Minnesota Bike Center, SPOKES bike/walk center in the Seward Neighborhood), and a commitment to reaching underserved communities.

Bus 84 on Snelling Ave in Saint Paul

Bus Service

A Line Arterial Rapid Bus
• C Line Arterial Rapid Bus
• Metro Transit Service Improvement Plan

Future Transitways

• Gold Line
Orange Line
• Robert Street