TLC-ST Merger Update and Survey

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by Jessica Treat, Executive Director

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We’ve been busy.
As you heard from us earlier this year, Transit for Livable Communities & St. Paul Smart Trips merged to build a powerful, influential movement for transportation options in Minnesota.
With your support, we’ve accomplished a lot in 2017.
We stopped devastating cuts to metro-area transit. We advocated successfully for transit funding increases in Hennepin and Ramsey counties. We connected with hundreds of residents, new riders, and community partners through Slow Roll bike events. We trained awesome volunteers and advocates. We mobilized support for a multimodal Ford Site. We helped businesses make walking, biking, and transit easier for their employees. We brought new voices into the conversation through outreach and on-the-ground engagement in the Riverview Corridor, the East Side of Saint Paul, and other communities around the metro.
As a newly merged organization, we also hit some major milestones that are critical to our ability to continue this work going forward. We:
•developed and finalized a new three-year strategic plan
•merged our boards of directors and brought on five new members
•hired and trained in four new staff
•developed our internal cultural competency
•relocated our office, set up new systems, and got to work as one fantastic team
Throughout this process, we’ve been collecting stakeholder feedback and listening to what our supporters have to say about the past, the present, and the future. Thank you to everyone who participated in our stakeholder conversations this summer, and to everyone who has shared feedback with us individually! Your input has been extremely valuable.
We heard from many of you that equity is a critical issue. Both our leadership and our stakeholders reject the current norm where poor, racially segregated neighborhoods have broken curbs, fewer bike lanes and bus stop shelters, and limited access to jobs. As we grow this movement, people of color, people with low incomes, people of all ages and abilities must have a voice in the conversation.
With all that we’ve learned, we’re ready to move into an exciting next step: developing a new name and brand for our merged organization.
Complete this short, five-question survey to help shape our new identity. (Thank you everyone that responded to our survey–it has now been closed as of 12/15/17). Your responses will inform our rebranding process and continue to guide our path forward.
Thank you—and thanks for your ongoing support!