From Jamez Smith, Bike Walk Twin Cities Administrative Assistant

Transit for Livable Communities, Bike Walk Twin Cities, HOURCAR, Metro Transit, & Mn/DOT’s Share the Road program come together again for a third year in the Eco Experience Building of the Minnesota State Fair. We’ll be at the Kick Gas Booth, which demonstrates how easy and fun it can be to get around without owning a car.

We are joined this year by the Sibley Bike Depot’s Community Partners Bike Library, providing the Kick Gas Booth with commuter-ready demo bicycles. Additional support is provided by our regular partners: the Minneapolis Bike Walk Ambassadors, Saint Paul Smart-Trips, and Dero Bike Racks.

The Eco Experience is the place at the State Fair where you can find out how you can make a difference to the environment through daily choices. Displays focus on Water, Recycling, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Saving Energy, Climate Change and Healthy Local Eating, as well as Transportation.

In previous years the center piece of the Eco Experience exhibit has been a Green House, highlighting the variety of ways in which one can “go green” at home. This year introduces Green Street, a model green community built inside the Eco Experience to demonstrate green design, energy efficiency, interior products, renewable energy systems, and environmentally friendly landscaping. Green Street incorporates aspects of the Complete Streets policy recently adopted by the State of Minnesota, including signage and a bike lane that leads directly to the Kick Gas Booth.

As with last year, visitors to the Kick Gas Booth who sign up to receive a onetime e-mail will be automatically registered in a drawing to receive one of ten Kick Gas 2010 t-shirts, ten Bike Walk Twin Cities t-shirts, or Burley’s new Travoy trailer, complete with Market Bag accessory set (valued at over $450). There will be a Travoy on display at the booth.

See you at the fair!