Transit, Bicycling, and Walking in the News

stories from last week that you might have missed

Feb 26-March 2, 2012


Chicago: Minneapolis one of four pilot locations [aka, Bike Walk Twin Cities] with significant $$ for “bike and pedestrian networks–and it’s working”

Letter of day about biking & walking numbers on the Sabo Bridge (2/29/12)

NJ cyclists want bikes allowed on NJ Transit (2/26/12)

Miami op-ed: time to make our streets safer for everyone (2/26/12)

Efforts in Sarasota, FL, New Jersey, Springfield, MO, and Loveland, CO to make bicycling and walking safer



Albany, NY: Want to lose weight? Move to a neighborhood with sidewalks. (2/25/12)

Tampa, FL teen: Drivers just don’t seem to care about pedestrian safety (2/26/12)

Portland: how neighborhoods and individuals can join to make walking safer (2/28/12)
Pedestrian safety has historically been overlooked in favor of keeping traffic moving quickly

Newark works to accommodate parking, walking, and bicycling (2/29/12)



@seattlemag: What locals would do to fix Seattle’s transporation problems (March 2012)

Saint Paul and North Minneapolis consider streetcars

Transpo costs a wild card in housing affordability, especially in outer suburbs

Transit riders in Pittsburgh and Detroit push back against proposed cuts
Pittsburgh: fare increases & 35% cut in service (2/29/12)
Detroit: routes already chopped in half, more service cuts coming (2/29/12)

Chicago transit advocates, reeling from fare hikes of up to 35%, propose regional increase in gas tax to stabilize transit funding (2/29/12)

NY’s conservative GOP transit chief: transit people like what they see (2/27/12)

NY: Rockland County residents howl for transit on Tappan Zee Bridge (2/29/12)

SF: “We’re rolling forward” on $1.6 billion, 1.7-mile subway that will connect the Caltrain station to Chinatown (2/26/12)

SF looks to upgrade transit signage (3/1/12)

Boston: No more “McMansions.” Developers focus on transit-oriented-development (3/2/2012)

Alabama Transportation Infrastructure Bank bill now includes transit along with roads and bridges. AL House cte votes next

An update on the Atlanta transit campaign (2/26/12)

On OSU campus, transportation has 3rd largest carbon footprint, after electricity & heat/AC

Whopper alert: NC critic accuses transit of “strategic misrepresentation,” citing study about cost overruns. But study mostly about highways, bridges, tunnels (2/28/12)

Good transit offers both quantity and quality— a train or bus in site and a pleasure to ride. Appeals to our rational and non-rational sides.

Federally funded transportation research: what 9 univs will study (/27/2012)

Transit union pushes for over-time pay to address driver fatigue (2/26/12)

Nigerians want a “functional, affordable, comfortable, reliable and accessible mass transit system”