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In our region, the highway system is large while the transit system remains small. It's time for priorities to shift. Expanding transit choices for Minnesota will make our communities more vibrant, connecting our region and shaping communities that we are proud to call home. As we move into the 21st century, we must invest in a transportation system that provides residents with opportunities to reach their destinations without a car.

Surveys show that more than three times as many people would like to ride transit than currently do.Transit for Livable Communities is working to double or triple the number of Minnesotans who have practical access to transit services --service from neighborhood to downtown, from city to city, or from regional center to regional center --and to make it easier and safer to reach transit by foot or bicycle.

Building a vibrant transit system depends on the engagement and input of residents who speak up for the future of their communities. Everyone has a role in shaping Minnesota's future. Join us in building a new future for our state!


Bus and bikeExpand Transit Choices. Minnesota shouldn't have to wait nearly a quarter century for the transit options we need now. Our economic growth and health depend on making key investments now. TLC is working to increase funding to provide for expansion of transit statewide.

          • Transportation Choices 2020
          • Metro Area Transitways Map
          • Metro Area Bus System
          • Greater Minnesota Transit
          • Biking & Walking Connections to Transit

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Central StationImprove Regional Transportation Decision Making. TLC works to make sure transportation decision-making is transparent and accountable. Mn/DOT, the Metropolitan Council, the Transportation Advisory Board, and the Counties Transit Improvement Board all have a role in goal-setting, planning, investment, operating, and performance measurement relative to transportation. There are a number of decision makers --and we help keep track of them all.

          • Metropolitan Council Regional Development Framework 2040
          • Planning to Succeed Report
          • Performance Measurement Report

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35 E congestionReform Federal Transportation Funding. TLC has partnered with Transportation For America to work on federal transit initiatives. Through our work, we are actively urging Congress to chart a new direction for our state and nation's transportation system.

          • Transportation For America
          • Reports on Stimulus Spending

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