Transportation numbers emerge on the stimulus.  After both chambers of Congress approved separate versions of an economic recovery bill, the Conference Committee reached an agreement on a compromise bill totaling $789 billion.  The bill includes $46 billion for transportation projects, with $8.4 billion for transit, $8 billion for high-speed rail, and $1.3 billion for Amtrak.  Transit advocates worked tirelessly to make sure transportation projects received appropriate funding.   Although transit could have received more funds, advocates’ efforts secured crucial funding that will help put America on the path towards a 21st century transportation system. 

Operating assistance as an economic boost.  Although the stimulus bill provides billions for infrastructure, it does not include operating funds for mass transit.  Transit advocates argue that operating assistance is exactly the type of stimulus currently needed because it is considered a “ready to go” project.  Providing federal funds to ease operating budget deficits will prevent job cuts and make it easier for low-income workers to get to their jobs or search for new ones, which will provide a much needed boost to the ailing economy.  

Bicycling and Walking

Proposal for Minneapolis bike share program.  Following a call in November 2008 for proposals that would help more people bike and walk, the Bike Walk Twin Cities initiative, administered by Transit for Livable Communities, selected four programs to submit full proposals, including a bike share program for the city of Minneapolis, a bike commuter facility at the Hennepin County Government Center, a bike donation program, and a bike center at the University of Minnesota.   

Rep. Blumenauer defends bike infrastructure.  Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) is leveling sharp criticism at legislators attempting to strip bike funding from the stimulus bill.  Citing the passage of bond measures across the country that favor spending on alternative transportation such as bicycles, Rep. Blumenauer stressed Americans’ growing desire for safe and connected bicycle facilities.  Blumenauer named multiple benefits of increased bicycle use, including more jobs, reduced transportation costs, increased personal health, a cleaner environment, reduced carbon footprints, and greater community livability. 


Target Plaza design anticipates future transit stationTarget Plaza, the pedestrian bridge and public space that will link downtown with the Twins’ Target Field and mass transit, expects thousands of daily commuters to pass by once the adjacent transit station opens next year.  The Plaza’s train platforms are expected to become the metro area's central hub for commuter traffic in the coming years, as future light-rail lines to St. Paul, Eden Prairie and Maple Grove meet the already-funded Hiawatha and North Star trains. 

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