Thanks to our members for another energetic member meeting! Thirty people came to meet each other and offer ideas and opinions about transit, bicycling, walking, and development in the 2009 legislative session. Dave Van Hattum presented the draft legislative agenda for 2009, focused on transit (stabilizing funding for buses, providing the final funding match for Central Corridor, supporting high speed rail to Duluth and Chicago), bicycle/pedestrian safety (photo enforcement of red light running*), and better land use and development (in partnership with the Minnesota Environmental Partnership).

Overall, members felt strongly that preventing bus fare increases (and/or service cuts) should be a high priority for TLC this session. We will continue our thinking about the best ways to increase and stabilize funding. Members are also invited to a grassroots training session (with Transit Partners, our coalition) in January. Watch for more information!

Missed the meeting but want to stay involved? Contact Michelle, TLC organizer, at or 651-767-0298.

*For those who remember that Minneapolis was required to stop taking photos of red-light-runners at intersections: a state level law would provide all the support needed for local municipalities to install and use these cameras.

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