Midtown Greenway a Major Thoroughfare…Let’s Treat it Like One

The Star Tribune wrote an editorial asking the Minneapolis police to step up and increase patrolling on the city’s trails. It also calls for financial help from both private and public sources to invest in the city’s transportation infrastructure.

Charlie Quimby of Across the Great Divide fame also has an interesting analysis: “Safety strategies that rely on counter-measures and modified user behavior represent a design failure. And a purely engineering- or cost-driven approach to infrastructure almost guarantees we will end up with issues later…Another way of putting it would be: The danger comes from treating commuting purely as a problem of moving most efficiently from point-to-point. The trail fails to recognize its true connections to the surrounding city.”

He has a good picture of what a well-connected trail should look like. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of people in that picture. Frankly, it looks a lot like the Midtown Greenway that my boyfriend and I traveled on over the summer. Lots of people looking out for each other and enjoying the trail. Kind of like this:


Bottom line: the Midtown Greenway, and all city trails, are major thoroughfares in the city. The more people on the trail, the safer the trail will be. We need short term and long-term investments to ensure the safety of all users and the vibrancy of the trail.

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