Transit for Livable Communities is bringing a better transportation system to Minnesota. Our work advances transit, bicycling, and walking options and thoughtful development in the Twin Cities region and beyond.

Transit for Livable Communities has earned a strong reputation for our policy expertise, innovative programs, and experience working with communities and government to foster the implementation of transit, bicycling and walking projects that help people get where they need to go affordably and in healthy, sustainable ways.

We are focused on expanding options, connecting communities, changing policy, addressing the high cost of transportation, and improving the everyday realities of getting around.

We bring a uniquely regional and multimodal perspective to transportation decisions. By “regional,” we mean the Twin Cities metro area, though our work also often includes the whole state. By “multimodal” we mean all the different ways people get around, especially walking, bicycling, buses, light rail, bus rapid transit, and car- and bike sharing.

We also bring to all our work a commitment to understanding how funding and policies work and to sharing that knowledge with leaders, partners, and community members through a variety of resources and events.

Building a multimodal transportation system depends on the engagement and input of individuals who speak up for the future of their communities. We believe everyone has a role in shaping Minnesota’s future. TLC works to make voices heard and to ensure all Minnesota communities have the safe and reliable transportation options they need to thrive.

What motivates us? Here are just a few facts:
• Transportation—the cost of getting around—is one of the largest in household budgets, and takes a larger share in households with fewer resources.
• The Twin Cities has more metro-area highway lane miles per capita than Los Angeles.
• Bicycle and pedestrian crashes combined were 2 percent of all crashes but 11 percent of all traffic deaths in Minnesota in 2013.

This is how we work for change